Screen Camera

ScreenCamera is a desktop video recorder and a virtual webcam at a time. It is perfect tool for recording narrated tutorials, videos inside web browsers, share game plays on sites, such as UStream and remotely help users to demonstrate how to do some specific tasks.
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Include an inset of my webcam in the output

Your software does this, and that's terrific. It wasn't easy to figure that out from the description or the screenshots on your page. I'd suggest you make it clearer to people who are trying to find this software because from my perspective it...
mfitch, 19.10.2015, 03:36
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you support including your webcam

you have some software that looks pretty good to me. I was trying to find out if I could also insert my own webcam in the output. I am happy that you have that feature included, it wasn't clear in your website (documentation or screenshots) that...
MartinF, 19.10.2015, 03:34
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A real manual?

I'd like to read more and better documentation.
Grandpa Chet, 19.10.2015, 00:24